Words from the Founder

The stories worth telling each other about our work and our life is an important part of building the culture of Tripleshot Media.  Here are some of the words shared by Jake, Founder and Managing Director.  It’s a glimpse at some of the significant chapters of our life in Tripleshot Media.

The 20 Year Journey of Founding Tripleshot Media

Jake Talking
“Three big ideas helped me move forward: 1. If a passion keeps on coming back, then it is real. This bug to do lifestyle shows kept on coming back even if my life was ok na naman. I thought if life is short, maybe I should listen to this again. 2. No one was going to give me the job I wanted. No one was doing what I wanted to do.  3. People I was helping were building companies out their passions, why not me. I didn’t have to be an employee. If no one was doing what I wanted to do, maybe I had to build it myself.”

IMG_8829On Remembering A Sense of Purpose

“A formal student of mine, she used to sit there where you guys are now, we were talking once in our company and she asked me, ‘Jake what do you want to do with the company?” And I had forgotten what I had wanted to do with my company ‘coz it’s been three years of white hair, looking for money, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and not knowing everything that needed to get done to be successful, or even feeling that success was even possible… and she goes ‘Jake what do you want to do with the company?” And I go ‘I want to change the world.’


Jake Reflects on Why We are Here. New Year’s 2013 IMG_7248

“But important things take time. They take effort. Sometimes sacrifice. And what we want to do in Tripleshot is important. Because we are not just in the business of telling stories. We are in the business of inspiring people through the stories we tell — not just in what we do but also in how we do it.”



On Two Year’s of Green Living Broadcasting

“Marking 2 years on the air, is an important reminder that it isn’t about us. It is about those who work with us and those who watch us.  Do we conduct ourselves in a way that honors the efforts of our team?   Do we listen to the those we shoot and respect the time and attention they are giving us?  Do we choose our stories, write our scripts, and edit segments knowing that many will see it, will get their information from it, and maybe even change their lives because of it?  That’s why pwede na is never good enough.  Being on the air is not about us. It is always, always about those we serve — from those who watch us, advertise with us, put us on the air, and those we work with.”



One Year Since GAMEPLAN’s Launch

“We need that reminder because that’s the big bet we are making: 1. That we will move people (to laugh, to think, to get excited, to get jealous — and want your jobs, to go on adventures, to face their fears, to work on becoming the best version of themselves) and 2. That we will move enough people who in turn will bring us sponsors. And that is a reminder more for me: success is not the goal. It’s the just one of the by products of what we do.

It’s a strategy not of certainty but of connecting & calling out to the universe. It’s a fool’s strategy.  A strategy of hope.”



On Winning Our First Award

“I can tell you we didn’t know if we could pull it off.  Would the camera choice we made, work?  Would the system with the freelance producers work?   Will we be able to deliver to ANC a weekly show?  What if we fail? — in all the small ways failures can happen.

If I was looking for certainty before that first day of shooting, I probably wouldn’t have bought the camera and lights, and rented this office or talk to Riza, Chris, Jan, Karen, Alia, and Anna V.  Leaps of faith don’t require certainty. They require faith that everything will be ok in the end; even if, in what looks like the end, everything doesnt’ seem to be ok. ”



The Story Behind the New Dawn Video

“A couple of months ago, after Typhoon Yolanda, we sat in our Monday meeting looking at our show, Green Living, and we asked ourselves: how does what we do, help move our country forward?  Four weeks later, I got a call asking if the team could go down to Tacloban to shoot a music video to raise funds to rebuild areas hit by Typhoon Yolanda.”