With The Eco Traveller, we believe that travelling, experiencing nature & getting to know the locals moves people to protect the environment.

Travelling changes us. And the more we travelled and experienced running on beaches, hiking up hills, or just being with people who lived where we went, the more we felt moved to preserve the places we went to.  That is the story of The Eco Traveller. Join us and our host, Rovilson Fernandez as he takes you off the beaten path, shares with you his green travel hacks, experiences green destinations, practices eco tourism, and gets to know the people who live there. For us, there is no other way to travel.


The Eco Traveller airs on the GoAsean Channel.

It has won a silver and bronze medal at the 37th Telly Awards and an Art & Tur International Tavel Film Fest Award for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism